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Free Furious Hippo is a free flash game with your hippo's aim to scare away swimmers
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Furious Hippo is a free flash game where your hippo's aim is to scare away swimmers.
You will control a hippo whose mission is to scare away all the swimming people, so they ran out the water immediately, heading to the beach. To do so you must swim towards them, and shout when you are near. You must be sure that they leave the water, because sometimes they will scream a lot, but won't leave to the beach unless you are near enough.

You have limited time to get them all off the water. If you succeed, you go to the next level. The game has five levels, each one harder than the previous one, because there will be more swimmers, you have less time to complete your task, and the beach will be smaller.

You can control your hippo by using your mouse. It will scream automatically, when it gets close enough to the swimmer that it wants to scare. Once the game is over, the game will offer you to enter your name, and then submit the score you have achieved to include you in the high score table hosted on the developer´s site.

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